Vialeta Kudrevich

Personal trainer

Boston, MA

Phone: +1 (929) 250-65-72

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Hello. My name is Vialeta. I'm a World Powerlifting Champion. I'm a certified fitness trainer and USAPL powerlifting coach. All my life I was dreaming about helping  people to overcome their own limits, become stronger not only physically, but mentally as well.

I found a way how I can help you achieve this goal. 

It's fitness training .

It helps to improve your life, achive your fitness goals, overome yourself and become the best you can be. 

If you can overcome yourself, you can overcome everything.


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"I have being working out with Vialeta since August 2017. She is very organized and professional. From the very first day of my training she created a personalized training program. Vialeta was able to help me to build my confidence and try new exercises which she taught me how to safely perform. Vialeta also was able to completely adjust the training program when I became pregnant and we continued my training routine in a pregnancy safe way. Vialeta is a fun and a passionate trainer to work with and she helped me reach my personal fitness goals."


"Пара слов о тренере Виолетте Кудревич. Весёлый и жизнерадостный, маленький человечек, который своей улыбкой заряжает на физкультурные подвиги. Первое раз я её увидел приседающей с очень тяжелой штангой - и подумал про себя- это круто, очень круто и немного страшно), нужно к ней идти на занятия. Пару дней присмотрелся и решился. И не ошибся - идеальный тренер для меня, увидела все мои слабые места и подтянула их, привила любовь ко многих упражнениям, к которым я ранее испытывал отвращение. В особенности становой тяге - теперь это моё любимое. Единственный недостаток - она взяла и уехала(( - но и за те неполные полгода совместных с ней тренировок я многое приобрел как в физическом смысле, так и в психологическом. Моя оценка - 5+."


"Vialeta is am amazing trainer. Her workouts are effective and fun. I was amazed how quickly I achieved results with her. She is very generous with her time - she is always available to answer your questions and offer support when you are training on your own. She is very knowledgeable, and will be able to work around old injuries you might have."


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